Good Male Human Barbarian

A muscular, robust young man who stands nearly 7’ tall, Brand has red-blond hair, a full beard and blue eyes. He is attired in hides, furs and a kilt and wears his weapons (a greatsword, a hammer and a dagger) proudly. He knows Goblin as well as Common, and worships the strength of Kord, the patron of his clan.

Flaming Greatsword+2
Resounding Throwing Hammer+1
Broken Stool (improvised weapon)
Bloodcut Hide Armor+2
Amulet of Health+1
Standard Adventuring Gear (includes backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, Hempen rope [50’], 1 sunrod, trail rations [10 days] and a waterskin),
Climber’s Kit, 3 Cans of Soup,


•Iomhar’s Sword (the blade stolen by Goraidh)
•Cloak of Survival
•Belt of Giant Strength
•Flame Bracers


Brand is a rash man, quick to act without thought of the consequences. That said he’s also seemingly fearless, kind-hearted and honorable. He often adopts a “protective big brother” attitude towards friends who are physically smaller and/or weaker than he is. Having commanded a war-band in his own lands, Brand is a surprisingly good leader, though his tactics are rarely imaginative.

Brand’s people dwell on a series of large rocky islands to the North. They live in clans, with each clan trading or warring with other clans and with other tribes of humans, goblins and orcs, on the mainland. Brand comes from the Kirlund Clan, renowned as particularly fierce enemies of the goblins.

When Goraidh, Brand’s older brother, issued a challenge to the chieftain of the Kirlund, he sought the support and advice of their grandfather Iomhar, considered the wisest among the tribe. But Iomhar judged Goraidh to be unworthy of the position and so withheld his aid. When Goraidh failed the challenge, he confronted Iomhar and, in a rage, slew the old warrior when his back was turned. Panicking, he stole Iomhar’s sword and fled to the South.

Personal Motivation/Goals
Though Brand has no desire to slay his brother, he knows that the family honor must be satisfied – Brand, who had supported his brother in his bid for chieftainship, swore to retrieve the sword and either bring his brother back to face justice or avenge Iomhar himself. He loved his grandfather Iomhar – the old man was dearer to him than his own father and still grieves his death.

Though Brand has never journeyed this far South before, he has learned the legends of his people and knows the tales of heroes who have. Brand is always happy to tell such tales – or hear the stories of southern heroes.


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