Unaligned Kalashtar Warlock


Feyla is a young female Kalashtar Warlock, loyal to Erathis.
She is approx. 5’8", 153lbs and 17 years old.

Rod of Office +1
Cloak of Distortion +1
Ectoplasmic “mood” Armour +1
Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag with matching wallet
Northface Pullover
Fancy party dress
Arcane Signet Ring
Journal, pens, etc
Adventuring stuff
90 gp

Rod of Avernus +2
Colorful armour :D


Feyla is unaligned, however she is loyal to those she calls friends. She is very peaceful and quiet; she won’t be the one to talk first, but once started she’ll hold a conversation. Feyla is normally polite and respectful unless she is disrespected or is given a reason to not trust you. With the time spent with the king Feyla has grown accustom to nobility, the finer side of life is normal for her. However, she loves getting her hands dirty.

Feyla grew up in her parents home located in a fiefdom. Life was mostly stress-free, with the only problems coming from the land’s Baron taking to much of a fee from the local farmers leading families to go without food. For some reason, as much as Feyla tried, she could not control her mind and manipulate her surroundings like other Kalashtar. Feyla’s lack of apparent psionic ability was very strange to all around her, but she dismissed it. After all, she wasn’t completely lacking, she could do simple psionic things like telepathy and a few other tricks.

Around age eight Feyla’s life started to hit turmoil when the Baron started a war with a Sorcerer of a borderland and began to raise the fee on the serfs. The war was rough on the people both physically with all the raises in taxes and mentally with the Baron, without remorse, requiring the males to come serve when he called on them. After two years of war the Baron called on Feyla’s Father to serve, her father knew that Feyla, her sister (Quara) and her mother (Esmei) could not tend the lands on their own and that the Baron would throw them in jail for not paying their fees. So he refused to serve the Baron, and after a heated exchange with the Baron Feyla’s Father was murdered right outside the home that she grew up in, without hesitation the Baron grabbed Quara and Esmei, but little Feyla was no where to be found. She had hidden from the Baron realizing that she would be taken and that she needed to remain free if she could ever find her mother and sister. Little did the Baron know that he had just made a enemy.

While Feyla was planning her plan to hunt down and find her family and revenge her father, an approaching troupe of soldiers caught her off guard and grabbed her before she could move; With the soldiers was none other that the Sorcerer and rather that treat Feyla like an enemy the Sorcerer decided to take her home with him, because “the battle field is no place for a child…” Feyla found herself in an unusual place and as mentally strong as her people are she was ten years old and all alone, naturally it took some time before she was willing to talk with the Sorcerer, and even longer still until she would call his home; her home. After three months of silence the Sorcerer approached Feyla in her quarters and told her that he had something to show her, following the Sorcerer, though silent Feyla could not help but ask the Sorcerer why he spared her on the fated night; following a chuckle the King reply, “My child, my war is not with you, it is with the Baron. How in all of the glory of Erathis could I harm a child?” Feyla was stumped the Baron always propagated the Sorcerer saying he was a greedy swine and that all he wanted was power, but then did not make sense after living with the Sorcerer for months on end. While thinking all this over the pair arrived at a room and the king opened the door saying only “after you.”

Feyla lead the way into the dark room, once her eyes adjusted she saw only a book, on a very ornate pedestal. As she approached the book, the hairs on her neck stood up; their was power in the room, or was it just the book she could not understand it, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. The closer she got the stronger the feeling until finally, “Feyla the day I met you I knew you were special, and now I finally understand it; you’re meant to study under me.” After collecting herself she only said one word, “Quara.” The Sorcerer replied “I have done research and I know you lived with your family, am I to assume the Baron has your family?” After more silence, “Mother…” the Sorcerer replied simply; “Join me. Add my power to yours, and learn how to combine your fierce inner emotions with the art of the arcane.”

After many sessions with the Sorcerer, Feyla realized that all the time her parents thought she was psionic, but she wasn’t; she had an arcane spark inside of her. It all made sense now, and she had never felt more alive. All the power – it was amazing, coursing through her veins like a new breath of air.

She continued training, and found herself a way to earn gold on the side – picking up letters and delivering them safely to their recipients, never going farther than a few kilometers from her dwelling. “One day,” she said to herself along a dusty path, “I’ll see more of the world than these roads and these people. I want to know what everyone talks about when they come back from travel – see the places, meet the people, face scary monsters, be a HERO! I’ll be the one they talk about! I’ll be so fearsome that the Baron will flee, and my family will return! And then I’ll come home to a parade in my honor, and I’ll meet Valentine heart HIM Valentine heart – a prince of a far away land. He’ll be so majestic, so wonderful! And we’ll have a lovely wedding where even the birds will start singing of our everlasting love, and peace will reign over the land!” A beggar on the side of the road looks at her strangely as she rambles on about her fantasy. “Heh heh, how dramatic of me…” Embarrassed, she scampered off back to her home, still thinking about what she said.

Personal Motivation/Goals

  • reunite with Mother(Esmei) and Sister(Quara).
  • liberate the enslaved, enlightening them to the freedoms of the realm.
  • never give up on friends/family.
  • help keep the corrupt from abusing civilization.


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