Deva Cleric


Status: Deceased

Lightning Morningstar +2
Chainmail of Durability +1
Safewing Amulet +1


Mahar was reborn on the night of the red eclipse. When he was reborn the towns folk took his existence as a symbol of doom. He took his leave when he was able. He stumbled on a temple of Berronar Truesilver where he learned the art of being a healer. As a deva, Mahar understands that he was reborn and he takes the red eclipse to mean failure. He has some memory of dying in conflict but questions the purpose. He often asks himself what task was he in the middle of when his life was cut short. He has concerns that he will never know the truth about his past and worries if he did find his answer that he would regret learning such things. For these reasons Mahar has stayed in the temple because it is the only place he finds a peace of mind and that makes him feel he belongs. Mahar has traveled and rested with Sister Lenora, a friend of his temple, the time he has spent with her has now made him mature enough in his faith that he would like to travel and learn the answers to the questions he was previously afraid to ask.


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