Hamadryad Invoker


Reyna is a 122 year old Hamadryad Invoker who is loyal to Obad-Hai. She is fiercely respectful of nature and demands that any comrade also be respectful. She is true neutral in all things, but is okay if others are not.

Ironscar Rod +1
Breaching Hide Armour +1
Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1
Jester Shoes

To come…


Reyna is naive to the customs and ways of everything outside her forrest home. She is used to being heard, respected, and even revered and gets angry when her opinion is ignored. She respects everything in nature, both the good and the bad. She is curious and impulsive. She hates stone enclosures and craves sunlight, dirt, water, and fresh air so she keeps a small bottle of dirt with her at all times. She is neutral in all things and just wants balance in nature.

Reyna is from a far off woods that is pretty small compared to most other woods. It is only 100 acres. Obad-Hai sent her a vision while I was meditating, of nature being destroyed thereby moving me to take action and to make a covenant with him in exchange for protection over the oak tree that protects her life-force. Obad-Hai agreed and told Reyna to go forth from her home woods to protect all of nature that was being destroyed by civilization. But she first had to study and learn to become neutral in all things. She studied for a 98 years in the shrines of Obad-Hai buried deep in the wilderness and having been in the woods for so long, she is naive to the ways and customs of any civilization outside the woods. She made three covenants with Obad-Hai and they are to:
1) Protect nature in all aspects
2)Plant an acorn for a new oak tree each time she see’s a piece of nature die
3)Never step in running water so as to not pollute the purity of the water
She was also taught words of creation so as to all on the power of Obad-Hai. Now that Reyna is leaving her home, she is finding that most civilizations destroy nature and so she keeps her necklace of leaves from her life-force the around her neck and plants the acorns that grow in her hair in an effort to remind her of her true nature and to create more woodlands. Her mission is to bring balance between civilizations and nature.

Personal Goals/Motivation
-Bring balance between nature and civilization
-Neutrality in all things


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