The Halfmoons


The Halfmoons are an expansive family of halflings that own and run the family business, The Halfmoon Inn & Tavern, in many different locations, usually in towns along trade routes. Known Locations include Altun, Trendash, and the Seven Pillared Hall.

Known Family Members

Rendal Halfmoon
After being saved from hobgoblin enslavement, he sent word of the heros that helped him to his relatives. His place of business is the original and largest Halfmoon Inn, located in the Seven Pillared Hall. The middle-aged male halfling has done very well for himself, expanding his business to offer off-site housing for settling customers as well as retaining the Inn for short period rents. Rendal is a very friendly face to many people, but trusts few. The party has earned his most sincere graces.

Sally Halfmoon
The owner of the Halfmoon Inn at Trendash. She is a middle-aged, short (even for a halfling) woman, and Rendal’s cousin. She keeps her business running, but isn’t used to the bustling night-life some adventurers in bring with them.

Jamer Halfmoon
The young son of Sally, located in Trendash. He busses tables and sweeps, along with hanging with his little friends. At his age, he has a difficult time talking to girls and stumbles through conversations. One day the Inn will be his to run.


The Halfmoons

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