The start of it all

Sinfjotli “Bif Crackers” the Fey-Touched; After you find Zaruth’s letter, you make your way to the nearest village of humans. Once there, you seek information about your dear sansei’s location – Anapa College. Your dealings with the the villagers (that wern’t afraid of you) brought you to a well-built stone house. Inside, you ask a learned man in geography where “This” could be – as you hold up the letter written in Goblin. He asks you to duplicate the specific part you need onto his chalkboard. The man looks it over with a translation guidebook, “’s another vowel…AH! This obviously says the Altun Clock! You must meet your friend at the Altun Clock Tower!” he gives the grateful Bif a rough map of how to travel, and you rush off. Impressed by the clock tower, you enter the city (scaring off the guards for now) and go right for it. After no apparent Zaruth, you check in to the inn and spend some time in your room resting after your travel. You try to keep upstairs in your room the first day in town, letting everyone acclimate to your presence as a neutral party as your rumors float about the town. Despite any efforts, you are watched by many eyes and whispers surround your presence…

Brand; After a seemingly directionless search for your brother, you grow weary of the days upon weeks upon months that you have been in the wilderness. When your path crosses with a river, you fashion a raft and ‘go with the flow’ – hoping to find a civilization to rejuvenate your spirit and try to relax before setting back out on your search. It didn’t take too long for your wish to come true. You hop off your raft with no attempt to save it, and enter a river town. You brush off the strange looks you receive as you enter – after all, you must know you look like a mess. Your eye catches the giant clock tower int he middle of the town, but you don’t care about anything at the moment other than finding a ale and a bed. You head straight to the tavern & inn, sit at the first open table, and order a room and a drink. A dwarf sits across from you. Being a regular himself, he asks where you have traveled from. After you tell him of your clan and your search for your brother, he brings up a rumor about a hobgoblin in town – also from the north…

Reyna; After your long years of study on the ways of Obad-Hai, you now quest for him by traveling the savage lands and promoting balance. When a civilization clears more forrest than they have need for, you teach them of their headlessness. As animals terrorize a village for food, you show them a better land to forage and live off of. Recently, you have heard a rumor of a man from the north who challenged his clan elder, then headed to the south in a bloody fury – taking down anything in his way. You have seen (and put out) a forest fire created by this man. As you head in his direction, you come across a river that flows so purely with no pollution. In awe, you follow it to a sight of a filthy man floating down the current in a make-shift raft – dirtying the water’s natural form. The current moves faster than you travel on foot, but you follow him to a town with a large clock tower in the center. Upon asking around, the polluter is from a northern clan…and in the tavern…

Feyla; One day, the Sorcerer-King calls you to audience. Like normal, you figured this would be a check up on your studies, then you would receive a letter to deliver for him. As you had guessed, you reported a your recent training, and put the new letter in your messenger bag, then headed off. You have never traveled this far before, as trees overhead begin to blck out light. You come upon a small shack at the edge of where the forrest thickens. You knock, and await an answer. Then you looked down at the letter you are carrying – whaat?? It’s just a blank sheet of paper?! swore when you glanced at it before putting it in your bag that it had an address on it…right? Where are you? How did you arrive here? The door opens and a kind, elderly woman greets you and says, “Ahh…Now that you have arrived, so shall you be gone!” A swirl of blue teleportation magic erupts about you-

tl,dr adventure


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