Character Creation

Standard level 4 characters. (check homepage to make sure this has been updated to the current level)

You can have one level 3, 4, and 5 item, buy anything within reason with your 680 gold (no wonderous items, artifacts, ect) and you can always drop any of the items levels if you’d like. A sample character would have a level 2, 3, and 5 item, then bought another level 2 item leaving him with 160 gold before buying his adventurers kit and other mundane equipment. It’s also recommended to make a wishlist of items that I can drop in a treasure chest.

When making your character page, I’d like you to create 5 sub-headings. Under Description, put a quick physical description if you wish, then ‘equipment’ & ‘wishlist’, and under Bio, put ‘personality’ ‘backstory’ & ‘personal goals/motivation’.

I use the personal goals section while writing the campaign, as I like to incorporate everyone’s characters somehow. Also, during play, if you try to pull out a shovel and dig a hole, and I choose to look up your equipment list and you have no shovel on there… no shovel for you.

Here is a sample character from an old campaign.
Don’t worry about the fancy coding – I’ll go in and spiff everything up.

Character Creation

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