Lorekeeper Cody's Pages of Knowledge

House Rules
Here lies all of the house rules I use in various campaigns. Some I disregard depending on the player’s skill level.

All about the differing alignments and how to use them. A very useful thing to flush out a character’s personality is to go to the table at the end of the page and click on said character’s alignment and read the off-site articles about them.

All of the deities used in my campaigns. Most are the normal 4e panthenon, but I prefer to add a few from the Forgotten Realms and Eberron, as well as from past editions of DnD.

I have spent some time going over how I would like skills to play out in my campaigns. Here, I have devised a difficulty class table I use durring all of my games, and additional talk on skill challenges and the roleplay rewards of skills.

Critical Hits and Failures
Every game I have played in has had a different view of crits. Here, I lay out what I believe their role in the game is, as well as a personally devised critical failure chart.

DM Basics
In here is how I try to run my games, and my humble advice to other game master’s out there. From what I believe is the role of the DM to helpful map drawing tips.

Simply about derailment of a campaign and how to handle it.

Lorekeeper Cody's Pages of Knowledge

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