tl,dr adventure

The Too Long; Didn’t Read version of the adventure log.Teal deer

Level 4
March 3rd
> Beginnings
>Brand, Bif, and Reyna confront each other
>Feyla appears screaming in the rafters of the tavern
>Bif frightens a girl
>girl brings thugs into tavern
>Brand softens the confrontation
>party talks to Bart Ender the bartender about rumors
>Bart tells of an informant who visits in the mornings
>Bieber-bard gets beat up by a thug
>Brand sets thug straight

>meet Bart’s informant, a short human in a dusty green cloak
>Bif breaks into the clock tower, finds empty living quarters
>learn of east and southwest trade routes at a House Azaer location
>hear of The Kilted Bandit
>begin travel on the eastern trade route
>meet Sister Lenora at a rest-shack
>pass another shack, hear voices inside
>investigate to find hobgoblins who captured a halfling – Rendal Halfmoon
>hobgoblins are Bloodreavers, dispatch them
>arrive at Trendash
>go to The Halfmoon Inn

March 9th
>Get rooms and dinner
>Bif cannot read common, and points to drink with cool letters
>gets pink smoothie, loves it
>Feyla talks to Jamer Halfmoon about rumors
>Bif orders another after talking to bartender
>gets refill with two straws in it…
>party talks with Ben about The Kilted Bandit
>Brand talks to Zeph about Bloodreavers
>Zeph thinks The Chamber of Eyes is north of Trendash
>rest of party orders spiked pink smoothies…
>Brand sends Zeph a pink drank
>Zeph orders another
>others order pink drinks
>pink drinks everywhere

>bugbear enters, argues angrily with bartender
>argument moves up on to balcony for privacy
>Brand sneaks up stairs and overhears of a mutual trade gone awry
>Bif and Feyla crawl up opposite staircase, causing distraction
>Brand intimidates bugbear, lands a punch
>Reyna stumbles upstairs, n angrily hurls bolts
>bugbear grabs a stool, nails Brand
>Brand returns stoolfire
>Bif rolls down the stairs backwards
>Feyla fires a mighty- falls over
>Bif tells bugbear to “shine my shoes dirty slave”

>bugbear and Bif tussle by the railing, bugbear winning
>Bif yells out " The Kilted Bandit is attacking me!"
>pink drinked villagers come attack Brand
>brand trys to charge out of the crowd, fumbles, trips, loses stool, and falls face first into bugbear and Bif
>Brand, Bif, and bugbear fall through railing and land on the bar below.
>Reyna and Feyla work their way downstairs
>angry villagers stumble downstairs to assault The Kilted Bandit
>warriors that have fallen from the balcony groggily stand (or crawl) to fight
>Feyla grabs drink hose and soaks everything

>everyone slips on bar
>villagers, villagers everywhere
>Zeph back-to-backs with Brand (with their stools) take care of villagers
>Bif continues to smack bugbear with boot-flail
>Ben clothes lines a guy
>everyone else in bar is knocked out or passed out
>party ties up unconscious bugbear
>most of party makes it to their room before passing out
>no one makes it to their bed
>place a mess

March 17th
>Wake up late afternoon
>stumble towards stairs
>hear armour & other commotion downstairs
>guard investigation in progress
>notice the Halfmoons are missing
>dirty hand/foot prints & drag marks out of window
>guards notice and accuse party (especially due to the unconscious bugbear)
>party chased upstairs by guards
>escape out second story window

>few guards cut party off by front gate
>more guards come
>tough fight
>Bronze Warder awakened, never before in this town
>tougher fight
>villagers come to see all the commotion
>party tells villagers the Bronze Warder killed guards
>party sneaks out of town, run into Ben
>party looks into the Bloodreavers headquarters location
>camp by Piano Lenny’s cabin
>interrogate stronghearted bugbear, he strolls into Piano Lenny’s cabin
>party camps and talks about what to do around the fire

March 24th
>party visits Sister Lenora
>Lenora believes the The Chamber of Eyes is located east of her
>It’s dangerous to go alone; take this! Mahar joins the party
>pit stop at Trendash to get more information
>meet Tybecious, owner of the Rite Aid
>party travels north, yet east of Piano Lenny’s cabin
>follow tracks & trails to river, notice a sunken metal bridge underwater
>find a grassy hill in the middle of open field
>look in front, stand on top, look elsewhere
>Bif trips down backside of hill and finds the entrance to The Chamber of Eyes

March 31st
>door to The Chamber of Eyes looks to be related to Torog
>Brand tries to open doors before checking if they are locked
>goblins on other side of door respond, then go to tell Krand of the visitors
>party climbs to balcony and enters open door
>surprise and dispatch bugbear and goblins
>take a pit stop in the bath house
>Mahar turns it to Holy Water
>Bif drowns a goblin who believed he was part of the Bloodreavers
>fight of some duergar from the Grimmerzhul clan
>find letter to Krand from Murkelmor Grimmerzhul about slaves and payment
>slaughter loud drunks in mess hall
>spare Rick Tripdenfel’s life, becomes enslaved to Bif

Level 5
April 28th
>spend 20 minutes kicking down the door to the main area in the The Chamber of Eyes
>Dire wolf stands up, archers go get Krand
>Gregg is cleaning & oiling chains, doing his job rather than fighting
>Krand arrives, brings a Duergar along with the archers
>Bif tries to tame wolf – works with use of bacon
>Mahar tries to lock Gregg in the chains he is cleaning – locks himself instead
>Rick Tripdenfel attempts to help Mahar, but trips and falls
>Brand takes a hard arrow, charges the archer
>Bif talks with Krand secretly as they pretend to battle
>Krand takes a secret door to escape
>Brand & Feyla chase, Mahar & Reyna go to cut him off
>Bif fears being discovered, runs, teleports Krand and himself to a different room, and slays him

>party takes over The Chamber of Eyes as their own
>thinking about starting business with newfound facility
>maybe mercenary training and brew mushroom beer?
>Gregg joins as Administrative Assistant
>Chomps joins as Humanoid Resources
>Mahar sends a letter to Sister Lenora, telling her events
>need to learn about Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, mushroom beer, and where The Halfmoons are
>visit House Azaer to gather information
>Mahar visits Tybecious, asks for yogurt, gets hit with cash register

May 5th
>Mahar travels to Sister Lenora’s to tend to the sick and help out
>the party ‘renovated’ The Chamber of Eyes to be less of a dungeon and more of a living space
>trying to piece together clues, the party looks over the letter between Krand and Murkelmor Grimmerzhul
>Bif suggests a visit to Piano Lenny, a name he saw on one of Krand’s letters
>party waits for Lenny to leave his house for work at the Trendash Halfmoon Inn at 4:00
>break in and look around
>find a strange bag under the bed, along with money
>find a one-way trap door under the area rug that opens from the other side
>head up to Trendash

>go to House Azaer to find information on the Grimmerzhul clan
>notice their shipping address is in the Seven Pillared Hall down the Southwestern trade route
>Bart Ender from Altun now runs the tavern after his store closes, since The Halfmoons are missing
>Bart is excited to be working with this much business
>Zeph checks in, says he’s headed south to follow a new lead
>lose track of night, and Greg

June 9th
>wake and travel southwest along trade route
>notice cart wheel tracks and footprints of 5 armored humanoids
>notice struggle, 3 footprints limp away
>get ambushed by orcs – beat them up
>see aforementioned cart broken and overturned, with dead humans around it
>only Mahar sees the orc chieftain charging towards the party
>Mahar courageously returns the charge, buying allies time
>gets nailed, knocked out cold
>party takes hard hits, chief is hurt but won’t go down
>Feyla hits for the first time, dealing the final blow

>see off trade route a small footpath worn in ground
>follow it to find a tented settlement in the plains
>ignore it and go back to trade route
>reach Thunderspire Mountain Range
>work way to Seven Pillared Hall entrance
>Brugg ‘greets’ adventurers
>Mahar sees another Deva walking in the Hall
>go to Rendal’s Halfmoon Inn, the familiar face gives them free rooms
>Feyla and Brand meet Jink and Brad & Pete
>Bif sits at a table in the very back, and tells a very curious waitress about his adventures
>Mahar goes out to search for the other Deva
>Reyna, Ben, and Chomps go out to find a more nature friendly place to stay
>Mahar asks around, gets few leads, then retires early to start fresh in the morning

June 16th
>start the morning going downstairs, missing Mahar and Reyna
>talk to Rendal about the Grimmerzhul Trading Post
>walking around looking for information about The Kilted Bandit
>visit Gendar’s Curios & Relics, leave Magic Conch to be appraised

>SPH stores & rothars

tl,dr adventure

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